VASI Group Companies


Design, Develop, Manufacture and Export Socks since 1987

VASI is headquartered in Esenyurt, Istanbul which works on design, develop and export.

DÖNSA-Istanbul is located in Esenyurt, Istanbul based on a 10.000 m2 area which is the main production facility for the group.

DÖNSA-Yozgat is located in Yerköy, Yozgat, The facility is 12.000 m2 close area, located in 20.000 m2 land in an Industrial Park at the centre of Turkey.

Other companies are Inspirit, Activetime and Demsa with a different function of the group.

Socks manufacturing expertise since 1987

Our inspirational team; which design, develop material and socks, in collaboration with customers and other relevant stakeholders.

As a socks manufacturer machinery and technology have a big influence on operations. Therefore mechanical and technological adoption is a crucial for being creative, innovative and sustainable on business. Thus, makes VASI desirable and one of the competitive socks manufacturers in Turkey.

"Leaving No One Behind"

According to UN Sustainable Development Goals / UNDP ‘’Fulfilling the 2030 Agenda’s pledge to “leave no one behind” must to take into account a world that is undergoing profound transformations. One of these is the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, characterized by an unprecedented speed of technological change. On the side-lines of the 73rd Session of the UN General Assembly, UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner led a discussion on the topic of “Curse or Cure? Leaving No One Behind in an Age of Technological Revolution”.

As a socks manufacturer, VASI does not want to be behind “in Age of Technological Revolution”. Therefore, technological development and adoption is a priority at VASI.



One of the group companies DONSA, was established in Bagcilar, Istanbul as a sub-contructor company with about 15 employees.


DONSA was invested in it is operation with 10 BENTLEY KOMET sock knitting machine.


DONSA achieved its first export with 50 employees and 45 BENTLEY KOMET socks knitting machines.


One of the group companies VASI, was established in Bagcilar, Istanbul as an import and export company.

Product development, manufacturing and exporting started for the international brands with 75 employees.


DONSA and VASI was invested in it is operation with 40 DAKONG, 20 BUSI and 10 LONATI brand sock knitting machine.


DONSA and VASI, onboarded 50 DAKONG socks knitting additional machine.


Number of employees reached 120, while number of machines reached 175 in the new location in Esenyurt, Istanbul.


DONSA started to be audited by the international recognized initiatives.


Manufactured and exported 10 million pairs of socks with 150 employees for 8 separate brands across 10 countries.


Number of employees reached 250, while number of machines reached 310.


Manufacturing and exporting started with 250 employees for 12 separate brands across 14 countries.


DONSA and VASI was started to be certified by internationally recognized management systems.


Based on the International trends, industrial requirements and in-line with sustainable development goals, It was decided to move production from Istanbul to Countryside.


Companies merged under the name of VASI GROUP COMPANIES.

Universal institutionalization, corporate and supply chain sustainability effort extended.

VASI GROUP COMPANIES became a signatory of the UN Global Compact Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs).


First Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Assessment.   

A dedicated Corporate Sustainability Team together with an External Corporate Sustainability Expert were appointed to design and implement sustainability related tasks in-line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Industry Requirements.

International Industry Certifications, first Corporate Sustainability Bulletin and various other International standards were implemented.

First Carbon Foot-print Analysing and reporting according to GHG protocol and ISO 14064-1.

First HIGG INDEX and SLCP Verified Assessments.  

Lean Manufacturing Mapping and Implementation. 

DONSA Yozgat, was established to operate with 250 employees and 230 sock knitting machines.

Total Number of employees reached 600, while number of machines reached 500 in VASI GROUP COMPANIES.


Usage of International Renewable Electric Energy (I-REC).

Number of employees 330 and number of machines 333 at DONSA Yozgat, ahead of DONSA Istanbul with 270 employees and 160 machines.


Solar Energy Panels with 847.21 kWp power were installed in our Donsa-Yozgat Facility and a transition to clean Green Energy Systems.

Establishing a Biological Purification Facility in Donsa-Yozgat Facility to carry out clean water and sanitation work.

Since 1987, sustainability became a business model in VASI Group Companies going beyond just being a buzzword. With these milestones built on a solid sustainability culture, VASI has taken bold steps and will continue to do.