VASI Group Companies


Story of socks; It can be seen throughout art and history that, around 900 AD, used woven clothes to wrap legs, then move to modernize period in the 18th century and then inspired VASI in 1987 as many other manufacturers around the globe.

Since then we are passioned to create, innovate and sustain our profession on socks industry.

VASI manufactures all type of casual, fashion and sport socks to contribute brands/buyers success and as well as consumers happiness, elegance and performance.

Through the use of various special, innovative yarns and various knitting techniques, VASI produces anatomical sports socks which increase sporters performance.


Casual Socks

Casual socks are original and on-going product range which mainly produces at VASI, and go beyond according to market demand with collaboration of customers to provide quantity in quality.

Fashion Socks

Fashion is the inspiration of VASI. Our inspirational team create and provide specific collection frequently with collaboration of costumers which make VASI desirable and competitive.

Sports Socks

The sport sock is a result of 30 years industrial experience and expertise where VASI is. We love sport, create, innovate and sustain the sport with the customers which do the same.